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Low Budget

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Concept Homestay II   Melaka Raya 216 MYR


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Hotel Suria Malaqa   Ayer Keroh 20.06 USD
  Sayang-Sayang 2 Youth Hostel   Jonkers St 8.78 USD
  The Jiong Guest House   Others - city centre 9.33 USD
  Cheng Ho Guest House   Jonkers St 39 MYR
  Tang House   Jonkers St 95 MYR
  Malacca Pelangi Homestay Apartment   Ayer Keroh 216 MYR
  Melaka City Centre Jonker Sweet Home   Others - city centre 302 MYR
  Melaka City Centre Jonker Homestay   Jonkers St 371 MYR
  Melaka City Centre Jonker Holiday Home   Jonkers St 388 MYR
  Melaka City Centre Jonker Vacation House   Jonkers St 388 MYR


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Galileo Guest House   Jonkers St 14.43 USD
  Hallmark Hotel Leisure Malacca   Others - city centre 23.33 USD
  Hotel Mimosa Melaka   Others - city centre 25.34 USD
  Hotel Seven Malacca   Bukit Cina 27.85 USD
  Motel Sayang-Sayang   Jonkers St 12.60 USD
  Sunflower Hotel   Others - city centre 12.13 USD
  Terra Nova Hotel   Others - city centre 24.50 USD
  The Baba House   Jonkers St 30.89 USD
  Time Hotel Melaka   Melaka Raya 12.83 USD
  Raymonds Boutique Traveller Home   Jonkers St 16 MYR
  Hotel Weilia   Melaka Raya 78 MYR
  City Park Hotel Melaka   Melaka Raya 80 MYR
  Accordian Hotel   Others - city centre 82 MYR
  Fenix Inn Hotel   Melaka Raya 99 MYR
  Fomecs Boutique Hotel   Jonkers St 129 MYR
  Cheng Ho Residence   Others - city centre 160 MYR
  H&A Guest House   Others - city centre 172 MYR
  Concept Homestay   Others - city centre 216 MYR
  Malacca Services Apartment   Melaka Raya 216 MYR
  Carols Guesthouse   Others - city centre 345 MYR


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  7 Days Inn - formerly known as MIO Boutique Hotel   Others - city centre 22.73 USD
  Angsana Hotel Melaka   Melaka Raya 21.00 USD
  Arenaa Deluxe Hotel   Bukit Cina 20.53 USD
  Beuford Hotel   Melaka Raya 29.86 USD
  D Hotel Melaka   Jonkers St 13.53 USD
  EcoTree Hotel Melaka   Melaka Raya 34.28 USD
  Hallmark View Hotel   Others - city centre 19.43 USD
  Hotel Hallmark Inn   Jonkers St 22.86 USD
  Hotel Orkid Melaka   Others - city centre 32.66 USD
  Hotel Sentral Melaka   Others - city centre 24.64 USD
  Hotel Sentral Riverview Melaka   Melaka Raya 22.77 USD
  hotel SuperCowboy   Others - city centre 20.94 USD
  Jonker Boutique Hotel   Jonkers St 56.09 USD
  La Boss Hotel   Melaka Raya 29.16 USD
  Midcity Hotel Melaka   Melaka Raya 33.43 USD
  Seri Costa Hotel Melaka   Melaka Raya 29.16 USD
  Seri Malaysia Hotel Melaka   Ayer Keroh 41.99 USD
  Sunflower House   Others - city centre 66.96 USD
  Swan Garden By Gloria   Others - city centre 38.56 USD
  The Emperor Hotel Malacca   Others - city centre 0.00 USD
  WANA Riverside Hotel Melaka   Others - city centre 28.56 USD
  Supreme Hotel   Others - city centre 100 MYR
  dVillage Resort Melaka   Ayer Keroh 121 MYR
  Kings Hotel Melaka   Ayer Keroh 125 MYR
  Formosa Garden Hotel   Others - city centre 129 MYR
  Hotel Puri Melaka   Jonkers St 142 MYR
  Marvelux Hotel   Melaka Raya 145 MYR
  Puteri Resort Ayer Keroh   Ayer Keroh 169 MYR
  Malacca Hotel Apartment   Melaka Raya 258 MYR


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  A Famosa Resort   Alor Gajah 75.24 USD
  Avillion Legacy Melaka   Others - city centre 35.56 USD
  Bayou Lagoon Park Resort   Ayer Keroh 38.82 USD
  Bayview Hotel Melaka   Others - city centre 41.99 USD
  Gingerflower Boutique Hotel   Jonkers St 51.33 USD
  Hallmark Crown Hotel   Melaka Raya 27.09 USD
  Hatten Hotel Melaka   Melaka Raya 57.47 USD
  Holiday Inn Melaka   Melaka Raya 63.33 USD
  Hotel Equatorial Melaka   Melaka Raya 62.95 USD
  Mahkota Hotel Melaka   Melaka Raya 45.03 USD
  Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences Malacca   Others - city centre 56.29 USD
  The Sterling Boutique Hotel Melaka   Jonkers St 200 MYR


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Casa del Rio Melaka   Jonkers St 108.25 USD
  Philea Resort & Spa Ayer Keroh Melaka   Ayer Keroh 105.67 USD
  Ramada Plaza Melaka   Others - city centre 62.11 USD
  The Majestic Malacca   Others - city centre 83.36 USD
  The Settlement Hotel   Others - city centre 52.35 USD
  The Kahaani Malacca   Ayer Keroh 259 MYR

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